Partnering with the Local Church & Supporting Families to Care for Their Children

Meeting the needs of orphans and vulnerable children is often best accomplished through partnerships with the local communities and ministries who are leading the day-to-day responses. The Alliance for Children Everywhere (ACE) supports this principal in their work on behalf of children and families in Zambia. ACE is a Christian nonprofit child welfare organization in Tucson, Arizona that was founded in 1969 by Virginia “Jennie” Woods. ACE’s overarching approach to caring for orphans is to empower professionals, families, churches and communities to care for and support children and families in crisis within their own cultural context. In 1997, ACE accepted an invitation to travel to Lusaka, Zambia where the orphan crisis was devastating. Knowing that the local church had the best connection to the community, ACE brought Zambian church leaders [...]