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The Importance of Caring for Adolescents

When supporting orphans and other vulnerable children our attention and resources often focus on the youngest children. And rightly so — they are developmentally vulnerable and depend on adults for their survival and well-being. But what about adolescents? These young people are also at a vulnerable stage in their lives. This period of rapid physical, cognitive and socio-emotional changes can lead to needs and behaviors that place them at risk, such as: Impulsiveness and risk-taking Intense sexual urges that can be difficult to control A need to “fit in,” to be accepted by peers Exploration of new roles and experimentation [...]

The Importance of Caring for Adolescents2019-05-16T00:49:11-04:00

Partnering to Make a Difference in Ethiopia

Both demographically and chronologically, City Church is a young church. Founded in 2007 and based in Tallahassee, Florida, the church’s membership is made up mostly of students and young professionals. City Church’s passion for outreach “in an ever-changing culture” is reflected in its meeting places, beginning with the high school auditorium where services were first held, to its current home in a warehouse and the local nightclub where Easter and Christmas services meet each year. […]

Partnering to Make a Difference in Ethiopia2019-05-16T00:49:47-04:00
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