Journeys of Faith: A Resource Guide for Orphan Care Ministries Helping Children in Africa & Beyond (PDF Download)

With great compassion and a tremendous heart for children, churches across the United States and throughout Africa are responding to the call of James 1:27.  Journeys of Faith celebrates this movement and provides a tool for learning more about strengthening care for orphans and vulnerable children.

A companion to From Faith to Action, Journeys of Faith features:

12 strategies for supporting the needs of orphans & vulnerable children;

Inspiring examples of how churches in the United States are getting involved;

Stories of partnership between U.S. churches & African orphan care ministries;

Guiding principles for successful partnerships and short-term missions;

Small group study questions to foster discussion and learning; and

Additional resources for delving further into the topics.

Illustrated throughout with colorful and compelling photos that bring stories to life, Journeys of Faith draws on “best practice” and lessons learned to help guide action.

Start a Journeys of Faith Study Group

Hundreds of pastors, laypersons, ministry and mission team leaders, faculty and students have found participation in a Journeys of Faith study group to be a great way to engage and learn together.

You can organize a study group through your church, school, mission team, or with friends and family.  Access the six downloadable sessions that accompany Journeys of Faith here. A Facilitator’s Guide also provides tips and tools for preparing, customizing, and leading your study group. If you are interested in learning more or have questions, please contact us at

This has been a helpful exercise in evaluating what is the best thing we can do–it has helped in considering options globally and locally–many of the lessons learned are universal. (Study Group Facilitator, Grace Church, NJ)

The most compelling thing about Journeys of Faith is it brings such a strong sense of encouragement.  Locally [indigenously] people are diligently and effectively working to meet these needs.  It is so encouraging and eye-opening to know we could be a part of something that is important and ongoing …  By working through Journeys of Faith frustration and ignorance were abated. (Pastor and Study Group Facilitator, 19th Avenue Church, San Francisco, CA)

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