Introduction to the Transition to Family Care for Children Online Training


Welcome to the Faith to Action Initiative’s Transition Support Training. This online training is designed to provide helpful information and tools for churches, faith-based organizations, donors, and others who are transitioning children’s care away from residential care to care within families. This resource aims to come alongside you so that your work is aligned with biblical principles, a strong evidence base, and a growing movement within the Church that affirms the importance of family in every child’s life. The Transitioning to Family Care for Children Online Training provides an introduction to and overview of the key concepts and steps that are important to a successful transition process.

The information and resources in this manual are presented in the following seven lessons:

Lesson 1: Why Transition to Family Care?

Lesson 2: Key Elements of Family Care

Lesson 3: Planning for Transition

Lesson 4: Engaging People and Partnerships to Strengthen Families

Lesson 5: Resourcing and Sustaining the Transition

Lesson 6: Preparing to Transition Children and Families

Lesson 7: Monitoring and Evaluation and Next Steps

This online training is based off of the guidance given in the Faith to Action Initiative’s Transitioning to Family Care for Children: A Guidance Manual and supplemented by the Transitioning to Family Care for Children Tool Kit.

Watch as Phil Aspegren shares his “why” on the importance of family care. There are many reasons people pursue a transition to family care.

Getting to Know Our Experts
Throughout this training you will have the opportunity to watch many short videos from a specially selected group of consultants with experience and insight on transitioning to family care. These experts generously provided their time and expertise to help you on your transitioning journey. Below you’ll find photos and biographies to familiarize with each of them in advance.

Nicole Wilke
Director of Applied Research & Best Practices Initiative, Christian Alliance for Orphans


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