These ENGAGE options help you raise awareness within the Church, your community and spheres of influence about the impact of poverty, the needs of orphans and vulnerable children, and the importance of strengthening family-based care.

Start a Journeys of Faith Study Group

Hundreds of pastors, laypersons, ministry and mission team leaders, faculty and students have found participation in the Journeys of Faith Study Series to be a great way to ENGAGE and learn about strengthening care for orphans and vulnerable children. You can organize a study group through your church, school, mission team, or with friends and family. Click here to link to Journeys of Faith small group study resources.

Learn About the Work of Trusted Intermediaries

An international intermediary can build a bridge and ease the burdens on both sides of a partnership, providing financial oversight, cultural translation, and logistical support to help ensure that resources go where they are most needed. Several examples can be found in both Journeys of Faith and Session 6 of the Study Series.

World Vision’s Child Protection Work
Learn more about World Vision’s approaches and impact in its work to ensure children are cared for and protected within families and communities.  World Vision’s Child Protection work partners with caregivers, communities, and children themselves to prevent and respond to violence against children.  By building children’s resilience, equipping parents to better care for and protect their children, and mobilizing faith communities to challenge and respond to violence against children, World Vision is partnering to build a safer world for children.

World Vision’s Channels of Hope for Child Protection
World Vision’s Channels of Hope for Child Protection (CoH) project model partners with, and empowers, churches and faith communities to contribute to protective and caring environments for children. CoH equips faith leaders with both evidence-based information and insight from their scriptures and faith traditions, guiding them to become positive change agents for children in their communities.

Events to Inform and Inspire Action

Many churches set aside special days, seasons, or events to raise awareness and inspire action on behalf of orphans and vulnerable children. Here are several ENGAGE opportunities:

Orphan Sunday
Orphan Sunday calls Christians to put their faith into action and provides an annual opportunity to raise awareness and engage churches in praying for and giving to their preferred Christian ministries and charities that support orphans and vulnerable children both in the United States and overseas. Christian Alliance for Orphans now supports Orphan Sunday and hundreds of churches participate each year.

Lost Kites
Currently touring the US, the documentary “Lost Kites” follows three abandoned kids braving their way, and calls for family restoration. The tour is designed to engage congregations and members of the public in family-based care for orphaned and vulnerable children. Host a screening at your university or church, and the filmmakers will attend for a Q&A session to follow. Visit the Lost Kites website to view the trailer and schedule a screening.

The Micah Challenge
The Micah Challenge is a global coalition of Christians educating and encouraging others to learn about the Millennium Development Goals, to find ways to reach out and help those living in poverty, and to hold governments to account for their promise to halve extreme poverty by 2015. With campaigns in 40 countries, Micah Challenge is a global movement to encourage deeper Christian commitment to the poor, and to speak out to leaders to act with justice.

Advent Conspiracy
Advent Conspiracy is a movement to ENGAGE churches in authentic worship and giving at Christmas. The concept behind Advent Conspiracy is fourfold: worship fully, spend less, give more, and love all. Americans spend an average of $450 billion a year every Christmas. Advent Conspiracy is a fundraising initiative challenging Christians across the United States to purchase at least one less Christmas gift each year, using the funds instead toward charitable giving.

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