New Podcast Available on Supporting Careleavers!

Careleavers are youth and young adults who transition from living in a residential care center to independent living. This transition period can be very difficult, especially when the transition occurs without appropriate planning and support often resulting in unemployment, homelessness, early pregnancies, trafficking and sexual exploitation. On this Faith to Action podcast, we interview Peter Kamau, Founding Partner of Child in Family Focus – Kenya, about his experience growing up in an orphanage. Listen and learn as Peter shares why many careleavers struggle after leaving care, the best services to offer careleavers, and resources to help those supporting careleavers. Listen Now! [...]

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New Resources Available on Strategies for Strengthening Family Care!

The Faith to Action Initiative is excited to announce the release of new resources on strategies for strengthening family care. A Continuum of Care for Orphans and Vulnerable Children explains that the best way to serve vulnerable children is to strengthen the capacity of families to care for them. Family-strengthening strategies and services help address many of the root causes of separation from family care. To better understand and engage this topic, the following resources are now available for your use: Webinar 3: Strategies for Strengthening Family Care is the third in a three-part series providing an introduction to and [...]

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Continuum of Care Resources Now Available!

Faith to Action is excited to announce the launch of three new resources on the continuum of care. The continuum of care provides an overview of a range of alternative care options for children who have been separated from parental care. In keeping with research and evidence-based guidance on the importance of family in the life of a child, the continuum places a high priority on family care while also recognizing the role that temporary residential care and small group homes can play in the spectrum of options to meet individual situations and needs. The continuum of care highlights [...]

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