The Transitioning to Family Care for Children Tool Kit is an online resource developed by the Faith to Action Initiative for churches, faith-based organizations, donors, and others seeking to transition their care and support of children away from a residential model of care (e.g., institutions, orphanages, children’s homes, group homes) to care within families. Around the world, there is a growing commitment to transitioning to family care for children. This Tool Kit is a response to the increasing demand for relevant resources and practical guidance to inform the transition process. While it is appropriate for a wide audience, the Tool Kit includes biblical principles and faith-based resources that are of particular relevance to churches, mission groups, and Christian faith-based organizations. The Tool Kit features over 200 resources including those that incorporate evidence-based research, practical tools, and case study examples from organizations that have undergone a transition to family care. New and updated resources will be added regularly as they become available. A primary resource—the Transitioning to Family Care for Children: A Guidance Manual—was developed in conjunction with and as a companion to the Tool Kit.