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Faith to Action offers concrete ways that you can support redefining orphan care and promoting care for vulnerable children in loving, safe families. Here’s how you can take action!

Become a Faith to Action Advocate Does the message of family-based care resonate with you? Faith to Action is working to help Christians redefine orphan care, and we need your voice! Join Faith to Action’s team of advocates in sharing with others about the importance of supporting children in loving, safe families. As an Advocate, you’ll gain access to resources and a network of support to help you make a difference for children and families. Click here to join!

Sign the Global Church Pledge Join us in signing the Global Church Pledge to See Children Thriving in Safe and Loving Families. The Global Church Pledge was created as a collaboration of Christian organizations facilitated by Faith to Action and Home for Good to unify Christians around the globe in support of family-based care for children. The Pledge states: “We believe God designed families as the best environment for children and young people to receive the love, belonging, and protection they need in order to flourish. Therefore, on behalf of vulnerable children around the world, we commit to support efforts which strengthen families, invest in family-based solutions, and combat the root causes of their vulnerability.”

Lead a group Host a Journeys of Faith small group! We make it easy for you to support your community in learning how to best care for vulnerable children through our six-week small group study. You can help your small group, friends, and church explore better ways to care as we respond to our biblical call to care for the orphan. If you have a group of people considering changing the way they care, use our workshop-in-a-box to lead a group through the stages of transitioning an orphanage to family care.

Adjust your giving Currently, most funding for orphan care goes to orphanages. However, children and families need other options when they are in crisis. Invest in programs that strengthen families to care for children, or in high-quality alternative family care such as foster care. Not sure how to determine who will be a good long-term partner?  Check out this tool.

Host Orphan Sunday at your church Host an Orphan Sunday to introduce your church to the importance of family for children and invite members to invest in programs that keep families together, like those of our partners or those featured in these stories.

Shift your mission trips Mission trips are a way to see God at work in communities around the world. Visiting an orphanage, however, is not a recommended aspect of a trip. Instead, visit an organization that supports families to care well for their children. Check out our Short Term Missions Guidance, highlighting some ideas (see page 11, and watch this video for some helpful examples). Then, take this survey to see how your short-term mission trips measure up.

Change the way you care If you work for or support an orphanage, take time to consider how to improve the care you give. Check out Faith to Action’s resources to take the next step in pursuing the best care possible for children. You can begin your transition of care by learning from our Transitioning training. Then reach out to Faith to Action for a meeting to talk about your unique situation and how we can help.

Pray and reflect Use the Faith to Action Prayer Guide to start your journey in prayer intentionally. Once you have completed the guide, commit to regular prayer for vulnerable children and families around the world and God’s guidance in your role to support them. Click here to access a list of scriptures supporting family care.

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