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The Transitioning to Family Care Online Training is an in-depth, guided learning process that aims to come alongside those who want to build their knowledge and think critically about how to transition their ministries away from residential care to care within families.

This training is designed for churches, faith-based organizations, donors, and others who are considering or beginning to transition children’s care away from residential care to care within families. It provides an overview of the key concepts and steps that are important to a successful transition process. This resource aims to help you align your work with biblical principles, a strong evidence base, and a growing movement within the Church that affirms the importance of family in every child’s life.

Course Overview

In this training you will be guided through the following seven lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Why Transition to Family Care?
  • Lesson 2: Key Elements of Family Care
  • Lesson 3: Planning for Transition
  • Lesson 4: Engaging People and Partnerships to Strengthen Families
  • Lesson 5: Resourcing and Sustaining the Transition
  • Lesson 6: Preparing to Transition Children and Families
  • Lesson 7: Monitoring and Evaluation and Next Steps