May 2022

The Global COVID-19 Summit left children off its agenda. The church should not. (Religion News Service)
Dr. Albert Reyes, Buckner International

April 2022

Ukrainian orphans, displaced children need aid, not adoption, advocates say (Washington Times)
Interviews with A Family for Every Orphan, Faith to Action, World Relief, and World Without Orphans

Extraordinary Acts of Love in Ukraine, Directed at the Most Vulnerable – Children and Orphans (Church Leaders)
Heather Dyer, A Family for Every Orphan

March 2022

Mirroring the love of the Father through the mystery and beauty of adoption (My Faith Radio Mornings with Carmen LaBerge)
Interview with Jedd Medefind, Christian Alliance for Orphans

Hour 1: A Family for Every Orphan (Moody Radio South Florida Mornings with Eric and Brigitte)
Interview with Heather Dyer, A Family for Every Orphan

Christian Ministries: Say No to Orphanages (Christianity Today)
Interviews with Bethany Christian Services, Faith to Action, World Relief, World Vision US, and World Without Orphans

COVID-19 Has Orphaned 5.2 Million Kids Worldwide. What Will the Church Do About It? (Charisma News)
Nathan Nelson, Bethany Christian Church Seattle

Families are the real heroes of the ‘COVID orphan’ crisis (The Christian Post)
Anu Silas, Vanitashray

February 2022

Three Ways to Care for Children Orphaned by COVID-19 (Christianity Today’s The Better Samaritan)
Lanre Williams-Ayedun, World Relief

January 2022

A ‘sense of family’ isn’t a family: Rethinking orphanages and orphan care (The Christian Post)
Francis Chan, Crazy Love Ministries

Christians Can Show the World They’re More Than “Pro-Birth,” just in Time for March For Life (Christian Headlines)
MacKenzie Magnus, Council Road Baptist Church

CBN NewsWatch AM
Elli Oswald, Faith to Action

Children in Orphanages Exploited for ‘Labor & Sex’ (CBN News: Global Lane)
Elli Oswald, Faith to Action

A New Year’s resolution for American pastors (The Christian Post)
Evans Baggs, Port City Community Church

December 2021

The Better Samaritan’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2021 (Christianity Today The Better Samaritan)
Tara Livesay, Heartline Ministries Haiti

Family is the gift every child deserves this Christmas, and you can help give it to them (The Christian Post)
Phil Aspegren, Casa Viva

November 2021

Are Orphanages Really the Best Answer to the Orphan Crisis in Haiti? (Christianity Today The Better Samaritan)
Tara Livesay, Heartline Ministries Haiti

How Christian nonprofits are leading international orphan care (ERLC)
Interviews with Elli Oswald, Faith to Action, and Herbie Newell, Lifeline Children’s Services

September 2021

How to Best Help COVID Orphans (The Gospel Coalition)
Justin Lonas, The Chalmers Center

Christian aid groups ask U.N. panel to eliminate overseas orphanages and institutionalization (The Washington Times)
Stephen Ucembe, Hope and Homes, and Elli Oswald, Faith to Action

How to help children in Haiti: 3 lessons from 2010 (The Christian Post)
Elli Oswald, Faith to Action

August 2021

Churches Should Make Orphanages Unnecessary (Relevant Magazine)
Chris Palusky, Bethany Christian Services

Christians Must Help End the Orphanage Era (Sojourners)
Stephen Ucembe, Hope and Homes