Key Research on Orphanages and Family Care: An Annotated Bibliography (PDF Download)

Key Research on Orphanages and Family Care: An Annotated Bibliography is a working bibliography of key research and evidence-based policy papers on the care of orphans and other vulnerable children separated from parental care.

Most of the documents in this bibliography are recent research studies, published within the last seven years. They were selected because they have important implications for orphan care practice, are representative of current research, and are subject to academic rigor including a peer review process. These studies include a range of research methods and approaches, from case studies focused
on specific care settings or specific child populations, to comparison studies of different groups of children over time, to surveys of residential care in various country contexts. Some focus on a specific geographic location while others are more global in scope. This bibliography also includes several policy and position papers drawing from some of the most widely referenced research on orphans and vulnerable children.

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