Children worldwide have lost at least one parent. Of these…

Children worldwide have lost both parents.

Most of these children live with their surviving
parent, grandparents, or relative.

Unfortunately, many of these families are living in poverty and struggle to provide for their children.

The sad truth.

It’s estimated that
children live in orphanages.

Of these, over
8 out of 10
have at least one living parent.

Many are placed in orphanages
by their parents or relatives
just to meet their children’s
basic material needs.

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Can you imagine knowing that the only way to provide your child
with an education, food, and shelter was to place her in an orphanage?

Scripture, life experience,
and years of academic
research all agree…

Children grow best
in families.

Yet, too often, the response
is to build another orphanage
to meet children’s needs.

Children need love, a sense of belonging,
the experience of family, and connection to
community in order to thrive into adulthood.

Wouldn’t it be best to find ways to help children access education, food and
shelter from within families?

Supporting family care
is a better choice.

The cost of supporting a child in an orphanage is
5-10x higher
 than supporting a child in a family.

But counting the cost is not only about dollars spent…

Studies show that living in an orphanage, especially for a long time or at a young age, has other costs that greatly impact children:

The Faith to Action Initiative focuses its outreach and resources on equipping churches and individuals with information and tools to support and guide action for orphans and other vulnerable children.

Our mission is part of a growing
global movement to help children
remain in families.

Strengthening families is the best way to support orphans and vulnerable children.

Here are just a few of the strategies that are making a difference:

As Christians, we have an important role to play.

Here are three ways you can take action: