Bethany Global, a division of Bethany Christian Services (BCS), announced the launch of social services in Haiti that will serve and support foster care. Partnering with a local church in Port-Au-Prince, Bethany is currently recruiting families to undergo its rigorous foster care training program, and anticipates serving 60 children by summer 2016.

In spring 2014, Bethany launched a small project in Haiti called Operation Exodus, working with vulnerable families living in the tent cities around Port-Au-Prince. This project serves to strengthen families through economic and psychosocial support. Relocation to safe housing is a priority, but so is financial sustainability, skills training, and the health and well-being of the children in the families.

Given that over 400 participants showed up over the course of the three day training on this new program conducted by Bethany (well over anticipated numbers), Bethany is hopeful that this new program in Haiti will continue to build upon the already the groundwork of Operation Exodus. Bethany works side-by-side with the Haitian government and in-country partners to serve vulnerable children in Haiti. To learn more about Bethany’s programs in Haiti click here.