Faith to Action is excited to announce the launch of three new resources on the continuum of care. The continuum of care provides an overview of a range of alternative care options for children who have been separated from parental care. In keeping with research and evidence-based guidance on the importance of family in the life of a child, the continuum places a high priority on family care while also recognizing the role that temporary residential care and small group homes can play in the spectrum of options to meet individual situations and needs. The continuum of care highlights the importance of family-strengthening to prevent separation and to help ensure successful reunification or transition into reliable alternative family care when separation has occurred. The continuum also explains the critical role of gatekeeping in order to assess the best care options on an individual basis and to reduce unnecessary placement in orphanages and explores different  pathways that, with appropriate support, can bring a child back into family care. The following resources are now available for your use:

These resources can be used by churches, organizations, higher education, groups and individuals. Please share them with your networks! To share your feedback on the Narrative click here. To share your feedback on the webinar or podcast click here.