Faith to Action is excited to participate in the Justice Conference through this weekend in Chicago, IL. The Justice Conference is a premier gathering for Christian leaders, justice practitioners, students, and learners from all over the world. The conference seeks to leverage the power of community and catalyze the work of justice globally, nationally, locally and personally. The Justice Conference is presented by World Relief and in partnership with several other Christian organizations living out values of justice in work with orphans, widow, racial reconciliation, peace, and so many other salient topics that are critical to the Church today. The Conference will feature many dynamic speakers including: Lynne Hybels, Stephan Bauman, Cornel West, and Ken Wytsma. Faith to Action engaged the global poverty pre-conference track and during the conference, is particularly interested in engaging college students, campuses, and church leaders, to better understand how to engage justice issues related to orphans and vulnerable children. Tweet Faith to Action @FaithToAction if you’re at the conference and want to connect.