Better Care Network (BCN) recently launched its new online community of practice, Care To Practice: supporting children’s care practitioners in Eastern and Southern Africa.

This online collaborative is designed to support practitioners who are working on family-strengthening and children’s alternative care in the Eastern and Southern Africa region.
Since 2013, BCN has been collaborating with a number of regional and national organizations and bodies to support family-strengthening and improved alternative care for children in Eastern and Southern Africa through its Regional Initiative on Children without Appropriate Family Care. This online community of practice was developed in response to calls from the region for improved access to global and regional evidence and more opportunities for joint learning and peer support.

Care To Practice is a space for accessing and sharing global and regional learning and resources. It is also a forum that recognizes the expertise of practitioners working in the region and the need to support the wider sharing and discussion of regional challenges, innovations, learning and knowledge. By joining Care To Practice, participants will not only be able to connect with other practitioners from all over the region, but will also receive regular updates from the initiative. This will include easy to access research and learning, and the latest news and information highlights. Participants will also be invited to join our expert-led online events and webinars where they can engage with a range of experienced global and regional practitioners and researchers.

If you are a practitioner working on family strengthening and children’s alternative care issues in the Eastern and Southern African region and would like to join Care To Practice, please contact Better Care Network and let know about your work and your interest in joining (