Case Studies and Stories of Transitioning to Family Care

One of the most informative and compelling ways to learn about the needs of children and families, the process of transitioning to family care, and the development of alternative family services is through the experiences of and lessons learned by other organizations. The following resources provide stories, case studies, and examples of the work of transitioning to family-based care at its various stages and in a variety of contexts. These examples highlight the common elements in transitioning care across examples as well as the uniqueness of each transition story, demonstrating that successful transition is possible even within very different contexts and circumstances.

Replicable Models for Transition to Family-Based Care Features six case studies of organizations that have pioneered transitions from residential to family-based care that exemplify commonalities such as engagement of local churches and government, the need for well-trained professionals, investment in strengthening families, and effective assessment and case follow-up. (Christian Alliance for Orphans)

Journeys of Faith: A Resource Guide for Orphan Care Ministries Helping Children in Africa and Beyond Highlights principles of better practice and includes examples of orphan care ministries and long-standing partnerships that are grounded in faith, prayer, and experience. It is intended as a resource and a guide for churches, pastors, students, mission field personnel, and others seeking to respond to the call of James 1:27. (Faith to Action Initiative)

Compendium of Promising Practices to Ensure that Children Under the Age of Three Grow Up in a Safe and Supportive Family EnvironmentHighlights promising practices to ensure that children under the age of three grow up in a safe and supportive family environment, and initiatives in the area of prevention of child abandonment and relinquishment that have been implemented and tested in the region. (UNICEF)

Community and Family Models of Care for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Africa. In Journal of Social Work and Christianity Describes the Christian response to HIV/AIDS and children who have lost parents. (Singletary, J.)

Webinar & Podcast

Replicable Models for Transition to Family-Based Care Tells the story of several of the growing number of faith-based organizations that are pioneering new models that transition children from orphanages into family-based care. (Christian Alliance for Orphans, 2015)

Every Child Podcast with Kendall Coffman Features a podcast interview with Kendall Coffman of Empty the Orphanage, an organization committed to closing residential care and filling families with children who need loving homes. (Bethany Christian Services)