Introduction to the Transitioning to Family Care for Children Tool Kit

The Transitioning to Family Care for Children Tool Kit is an online resource developed by the Faith to Action Initiative for churches, faith-based organizations, donors, and others seeking to transition their care and support of children away from a residential model of care (e.g., institutions, orphanages, children’s homes, group homes) to care within families. Around the world, there is a growing commitment to transitioning to family care for children. This Tool Kit is a response to the increasing demand for relevant resources and practical guidance to inform the transition process. While it is appropriate for a wide audience, the Tool Kit includes biblical principles and faith-based resources that are of particular relevance to churches, mission groups, and Christian faith-based organizations.

The Tool Kit features over 200 resources including those that incorporate evidence-based research, practical tools, and case study examples from organizations that have undergone a transition to family care. New and updated resources will be added regularly as they become available. A primary resource — The Transitioning to Family Care for Children: A Guidance Manual — was developed in conjunction with and as a companion to the Tool Kit. This downloadable guide (also available in print by request) email provides practitioners with an overview of the “how-to” steps of the transition process.

The information in the Tool Kit is based on global best practices in child care and protection. Its purpose is to inform a transition process; however, it is not a substitute for the professional practices, national policies, and international standards necessary for the healthy and safe support of children transitioning from residential to family care. Its content was developed and selected with guidance from members of Faith to Action Initiative’s leadership team and Better Practice Task Force and in consultation with over 50 practitioners around the world. The Tool Kit and Guidance Manual are produced by the Faith to Action Initiative, with generous support from Lumos Foundation, the Oak Foundation, and the Firelight Foundation. More information on how the Tool Kit was developed is available here).

Disclaimer: The Tool Kit provides links to other sites outside this web site. This is only for the convenience of the users, and is not to be understood as an endorsement of the linked sites. The Faith to Action Initiative does not regulate control over these linked sites and is not responsible for the contents of any linked site or any link contained in a linked site, or any changes or updates to such sites.