Caring for Children with Special Needs or Circumstances

In some cases, children being transitioned from residential care to family care may have unique care needs that require specialized case managementcare plans, and permanency considerations. These include children with learning challenges or physical disabilities, or children who entered residential care after experiencing trauma or exploitation in the form of trafficking, child labor, street living, natural disasters, conflicts, or forced migration.

As with all cases, children with special needs or circumstances may be placed in a range of family care options in the continuum of care, and closely monitored to ensure that their unique needs are being acknowledged and met. Effective child, caregiver, and family-strengthening services are especially critical for these cases, as families may need additional resources and support such as specialized training and equipment, trauma healing, or psychological support services. Also, addressing, with the family or community, potential stigmas associated with the circumstances of the child is vital for the development of an environment in which the child can thrive.

Caring for Children with Disabilities

Special Populations and Emergency Settings