Today Family for Every Child launched the Guidelines on Children’s Reintegration, which have been endorsed by 31 organizations, including many of the largest child protection agencies in the world.  The Guidelines call for greater investment in reintegration, and advocate for it to be pursued as the primary response before other care options are considered.

The Guidelines were spearheaded by an interagency group led by Family for Every Child, that was set up in 2011 and has conducted an extensive literature review and consulted with 158 children, 127 service providers and policy makers from 66 organizations across over 20 countries.

Promoting the effective reintegration of children is an increasingly urgent priority as all regions grapple with extraordinary levels of conflict, disasters, mass migration, poverty and violence.

Faith to Action is proud to endorse these Guidelines in promoting family care around the world. Join Family for Every Child and Faith to Action in supporting the effective reintegration of children by disseminating these Guidelines widely amongst your colleagues and encourage them to use them:

  • To inspire greater prioritization of reintegration
  • To train staff in the core elements of effective reintegration
  • In the design of reintegration programs
  • As a standard by which to evaluate the effectiveness of reintegration programs
  • As an advocacy tool to demonstrate widespread inter-agency support for reintegration and to encourage governments and donors to invest in effective reintegration

To learn more, read a synopsis of the study, download the full report, and visit Family for Every Child’s knowledge center to read more reports on children’s reintegration.

The Guidelines are currently available in English, but will be available in Arabic, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian from October 2016.

For more information, please contact Emily Delap, Head of Technical Support at Family for Every Child and Chair of the Interagency group on Children’s Reintegration: