The Faith to Action Initiative highlights a variety of media to engage and equip Christian groups and individuals (churches, mission groups, students and others) responding to the needs of orphans and vulnerable children. Our webinars and podcasts explore key topics and strategies that help inspire and inform the call to action.

Our short videos highlight personal messages from individuals engaged in orphan care ministries and organizations serving vulnerable children, as well as concrete stories from groups working to support family-based care around the world. Faith to Action also offers links to a variety of videos on a range of topics. Please check back often for new and updated media resources.


Faith to Action’s instructional and informative webinar series provides a “deeper dive” on topics related to better care for orphans and vulnerable children. Each webinar provides visual learning opportunities to illustrate these topics, including graphics, photos, and video footage. Read More:


Faith to Action’s podcasts range from longer instructional podcasts to shorter conversations and interviews with groups and individuals engaged in best practice care. The instructional podcasts provide on-the-go learners with a “deeper dive” on topics related to better care for orphans and vulnerable children, while the shorter podcasts provide more stories, examples, and lessons learned from leaders and practitioners around the world. Read More:


Faith to Action features a variety of informative videos and testimonies to raise awareness, illustrate guiding principles of family-based care, and promote action and advocacy. Read More: