Lectio Divina

One type of contemplative prayer is lectio divina, which translates from Latin as “divine reading.” It is an ancient Benedictine spiritual discipline that intertwines the reading of Scripture with meditation and prayer. Use the following format to guide a group of four to eight people. The group leader is present to coordinate the process and facilitate sharing. Designate someone to take brief notes for further discussion later. You may also practice lectio divina individually.

Verse: Choose a verse related to orphans and vulnerable children. We recommend one of these Scriptures.

Read the verse three separate times, with time for silence at the end of each reading. Follow the silence with a time for group members to share what they may have received during the reading.

Step 1: Listen for a word or something that touches the heart. Reflect on it silently. Share with the group.

Step 2: Listen and look for Christ in the Scripture. Where does the word or phrase touch your life in that present moment? Reflect on it silently. Share with the group.

Step 3: Listen for Christ’s call to action. Reflect on it silently. Share with the group.

Conclude: The leader can close in prayer and set a time to debrief what was shared at a later date.


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