Understanding the Needs of Children Made Vulnerable by HIV & AIDS

The following resources provide a comprehensive overview of the impact of HIV and AIDS on children and families and the interventions that have arisen in response to this issue. These resources build upon the growing recognition that responses to HIV and AIDS must center on increased support to families as the best means of providing care and protection for children.

In the future, these resources will be expanded to address other sources of vulnerability, such as poverty, disability and emergencies (such as natural disaster).

Children Living with and Affected by HIV in Residential Care: Desk-based Research EveryChild, Maestral International and UNICEF, 2012.

Children and AIDS, Fifth Stocktaking Report, 2010 Unite for Children, Unite Against AIDS, 2010.

Empowered by Faith: Collaborating with Faith-based Organizations to Confront HIV/AIDS William L. Sachs, 2008.

Family Case Management: Family-Centered Care Training for Care-Providers of Children and Families Living With and Affected by HIV FHI360, 2009.

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Enhanced Protection for Children Affected by AIDS UNICEF, March 2007.

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Positively Caring: Ensuring That Positive Choices Can Be Made about the Care of Children Affected by HIV EveryChild, 2010.

Scaling Up Effective Partnerships: A Guide to Working with FBOs in Response to HIV and AIDS Religions for Peace, 2006.

Where the Heart Is: Meeting the Psychosocial Needs of Young Children in the Context of HIV/AIDS Linda Richter, Geoff Foster, and Lorraine Sherr, Bernard van Leer Foundation, 2006.

Taking Evidence to Impact: Making a Difference for Vulnerable Children Living in a World with HIV and AIDS UNICEF, 2009.

Family-Centered HIV Programming for Children: Good Practice Guide International HIV/AIDS Alliance and Save the Children, 2012.

Social Protection for Vulnerable Children in the Context of HIV and AIDS – Moving Towards a More Integrated Vision UNICEF, 2008.

Websites with further resources on children, families and HIV and AIDS

OVC Support.net: A Global Hub on Children and HIV

Strategies for Hope Trust Working with Children in Communities

Inter-Agency Task Team on Children affected by AIDS – Various publications