The Transitioning to Family Care for Children Tool Kit is an online resource developed by the Faith to Action Initiative for churches, faith-based organizations, donors, and others seeking to transition their care and support of children away from a residential model of care (e.g., institutions, orphanages, children’s homes, group homes) to care within families. Around the world, there is a growing commitment to transitioning to family care for children. This Tool Kit is a response to the increasing demand for relevant resources and practical guidance to inform the transition process. While it is appropriate for a wide audience, the Tool Kit includes biblical principles and faith-based resources that are of particular relevance to churches, mission groups, and Christian faith-based organizations.


Introduction to the Transitioning Care Tool Kit


A Framework for Understanding Family Care

Key Steps

Key Steps in Transitioning to Family Care


Assessing the Context for Transition


Resourcing and Sustaining the Transition


Building Partnerships to Strengthen Families

Case Management

Child-Centered Case Management

Family Strengthening

Family Strengthening to Prevent Separation

Continuum of Care

Continuum of Care and Child Placements

Special Needs Care

Caring for Children with Special Needs or Circumstances

Case Studies

Case Studies and Stories of Transitioning to Family Care

Country Guidance

Country-Specific Case Studies and Guidance