Key Terms and Definitions

Collaborating with a variety of stakeholders during the transition process requires a shared understanding of the key terms commonly used in child protection and family care. While terms can vary in their usage and meaning in different contexts, the following resources provide an overview of the generally agreed upon definitions.

Transitioning to Family Care for Children: A Guidance Manual Pages 66–67 includes a section on preparing an organization for change, raising awareness to bring others along, and planning for transition. (Faith to Action Initiative)

Better Care Network Toolkit Glossary Provides a range of information for social work and child care practitioners and policy makers working on issues related to children who lack adequate family care, including a searchable library of 2000 research, policy, and program resources.

Guidelines on Children’s Reintegration pages 39–40 Includes guidance on stages of reintegration, case management process, working with family, post-reunification support and monitoring, and reintegration within the wider continuum for child protection. (Family for Every Child)

Child Protection and Care Definitions Includes child protection and alternative care definitions. (Save the Children)